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Lube and Sex for Conception

Sex for conception can be equally described as exciting, thrilling, fun and exhausting. If you haven’t conceived immediately and are trying every second day or so as advised around the time when you are ovulating, sex can cause friction and great lubrication is so very desirable.

There is no better time to use an intimate moisturiser that acts as a skin barrier, but if you are trying to conceive, you need to choose a bespoke formula that is sperm friendly.

As a fertility specialist, it was so important to me to create beautiful lubricant options that are baby friendly. Lovers fertility friendly formulae are created for you, fresh and preservative free. We use natural elemental moisture packed molecules, that will in no way reduce your chance of conception. In fact, keeping conception sex fun, gentle and comfortable means you’ll want to have more of it.  Hopefully for most, the first exciting movements of your baby kicking won’t be far away. Lovers with baby making ambitions should choose our Smooth Love formulas. Smooth Love, in both our water based cream and silicone serum options are baby friendly.