What happens when you breastfeed that means you need topical oestrogen to ease vaginal dryness?

Breastfeeding is a hormonal process. A welcome side effect is ovarian shut down, providing nature’s contraception, allowing women to space their next birth to care for a young infant.

While breastfeeding fully, many women do not ovulate (release a fertile egg) for months back to back. During this time, many breastfeeding mothers suffer symptoms of low oestrogen levels. These can include night sweats and flushes, lowered libido, vaginal dryness and bladder irritation.

Eternal love plus introduces gentle bioidentical oestrogen back into your system in a dose safe for breastfeeding (this will not compromise breast milk supply).

Many mothers experience painful sex when first intimate with their partner after giving birth. Eternal+ Love can help find sexual satisfaction and restore confidence and enjoyment for women and couples after giving birth.

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