Blog - after waxing

As a gynaecologist and fertility specialist in medical training and clinical practice over the last 20 years I have witnessed big changes in pubic hair fashion.

First we shaved or waxed our bikini lines
Then we waxed closer, leaving a runway strip in the middle.
Then all of a sudden, we went bald eagle, removing all pubic hair to the Brazillian extreme. But it grew back…
And then came laser.

More and more women present to their gynaecologist with vaginal and vulval irritation symptoms in the post-laser world.

Pubic hair did evolve to serve a function: to cushion and protect the delicate skin beneath. The labia minora and surrounding labial majora are delicate, and can be vulnerable, especially as our fragile skin becomes more susceptible as we age.

Lovers lubricants pay your vulva and vagina the attention they deserve. Our products can be used daily as an intimate moisturiser that soothes, buffers and protects, promoting a healthy vulval skin barrier. Our formulae are doctor designed and pH balanced.

If your vulva is dry after hair removal, moisturise daily after the shower with our Smooth Love or Eternal Love formulas to notice a profound difference in your vulval skin’s daily comfort. You will need to apply an amount of product similar to the size of a pea. Massage into the skin of your vulva until completely dissolved. You will notice over time that your vulval skin is smooth, hydrated and irritation free.