Menopause is a time where it’s easy for a woman to doubt her sexiness and lose confidence in her body.

Falling female hormone levels can result in a lack of sex drive and diminished sexual desire, and can also cause vaginal dryness and sensitivity. Using lube may never have been part of a woman’s repertoire before menopause but from peri menopause onwards penetrative sex without lube can be painful and without pleasure.

Lovers products are unlike any lubricant you have tried before. Our formulae are luxe and lovely to feel, inspired by the highest quality skincare. Lovers provides the opportunity to build your lubricant the way you want it to be. Our active eternal love and eternal love plus formula honour, enhance and restore mature skin. Our formulae were designed with a female pleasure conscious mindset. Mix it up as you try crazy love and easy love actives to surprise yourself with your best sex ever. Lovers products can also be used regularly as a deluxe intimate moisturiser, maintaining optimal vaginal health and skin conditioning.

Your sex life does not have to end with menopause. In fact, our goal is to help you ensure sexual intimacy and self pleasure gets better with time.