Women in the modern age can control our fertility. We don’t have to have babies when we are not ready.

We can make plans with confidence. We can even freeze healthy young eggs and use them later.

If you are not trying to get pregnant, every single lovers product formulation is open to you.

If your last sex education class was in high school, things may have changed.

Here’s a summary of the current contraceptive options on the menu, old friends and new:

  1. Abstinence ( the no fun option, very few takers)
  2. Barrier methods (condoms female and male)
  3. Cervical diaphragm, +/- cervical sponge and spermicide foam
  4. Intra-uterine devices ( hormonal and copper IUD options available)
  5. The Pill (combined oral contraceptive pills containing both oestrogen and progesterone)
  6. The POP (progesterone only pill)
  7. The implantable etonorgestrel contraceptive rod
  8. Depo provera (long acting injectable intramuscular progesterone)
  9. Fallopian tubal ligation
  10. Vasectomy
  11. The “morning after pill” (emergency contraception only, not for regular use)
  12. Billings method, temperature tracking method, withdrawal method (Not recommended due to high failure rate/unwanted pregnancies)

When it comes to choosing which Lover works best with your contraceptive choice the only consideration is if you are using condoms (barrier method). Lubricants with a high oil content can degrade condoms, compromising their effectiveness. The percentage of oil in all Lovers’ formulae is low enough that condoms will not be affected.

If you would like some guidance on choosing the right Lover for your preferences get in touch at hello@loversproducts.com.au.