Bio-identical oestrogen refers to oestrogen hormone in the identical molecular form produced by the ovaries before menopause.

We know that for many women, local vaginal oestrogen replacement is extremely safe. Oestrogen is a hormone and requires a personalised prescription. Eternal Love Plus may or may not be the best lover for you but for many women it is a Godsend.

Commercially available pharmaceutical vaginal oestrogens contain chemically altered natural oestrogen-like varietals together with preservative for a longer shelf life. Adjuvants in their formulae can cause irritation, burning and their texture can be particulate and cause unpleasant and excessive vaginal discharge. Many women have tried and given up on vaginal oestrogen generically prescribed by their doctor for these reasons.

Eternal Love Plus delivers low dose, bio-identical oestrogen in a beautiful, luxurious formula that feels fresh, smooth and lovely. Designed for daily use, this formula will make your vagina feel comfortable, moist and revitalised.