Lubricants and intimate moisturisers can enhance every woman’s sexual experience and men adore them too.

However, many women have formed their habits in a time where lubricant was just KY. Or when it had to be purchased in an embarrassing sex shop. Women often have not been raised to value or worship their own sexual pleasure.

Ladies listen up: it’s not too late to change your ways. You deserve pleasure. Sex is for you, not just for your partner. Sex can be exciting always, not just for the young. Sex, of the vanilla variety should never, ever be painful. Lubes can be magnificent, transformative even. So open your mind, and let’s explore.

Pure Love:
If you are new to lube, why not keep it pure. Lovers silky, slidy, sensational aqueous and elemental silicone options are safe for all users, including couples trying to conceive.

Crazy Love

Love can and should drive you wild. If your libido needs a pick me up – this lover is for you. With actives that enhance vaginal and clitoral blood flow to unlock your gateway to pleasure, this lover is made to order by personalised prescription.

Eternal Love

Love endures and sex is a meaningful part of relationships as we pass from decade to decade. However vaginal aging, especially around and after menopause can be punishing, with skin becoming drier, more fragile and so sensitive. Eternal love is nourishing, hydrating, protective. Use daily for best outcomes.

Eternal Love Plus

Eternal Love used together with Eternal love plus is a winning combination for Lovers in need of a topical vaginal bio identical oestrogen boost. Eternal love plus is a prescription only product. Our Lovers team of medical doctors and pharmacists will confirm this formula is safe for you personally. Used 2-3 times per week, together with our Eternal Love formula, Eternal Love plus reduces and reverses the effects of vaginal aging, allowing for greater lasting sexual comfort.

Smooth Love
For lush and luxurious comfort, smooth love is perfect for those who love a bare look. If you have removed your pubic hair, your labial skin needs some love and care. Choose smooth love as your every day, go-to protective cream and use internally for a fun friction and fancy free intimate experience, alone or with your lover.

Real Love

Vaginas aren’t sterile. They are full of good (and sometimes bad) bacteria and yeasts. When balance is hard to come by, chronic thrush and irritation occurs. Real love is your vagina’s best buddy. Designed for those who suffer from recurrent thrush symptoms, irritation and imbalances, Real Love acts like a pussy probiotic.

Lovers of toys:
For those who like to play with toys in the bedroom, design your lover using our hydrating aqueous base . While users of our Lovers exquisite elemental silicone formulas may never want to go back, silicone formulae can’t be used with sex toys, clitoral, vaginal or anal vibrators or silicone dildos. This is because these can react and change the structure of your toy.

There is literally no-one who can’t have more fun with a lube, by yourself or with your Lover. Have a play and discover just how incredible a new Lover can be.