In the 90’s a trend of removing pubic hair started and took off internationally to the point that the Brazillian look became the new normal for a generation of women. It’s ok to love the barely there look, or even the not there at all look for pubic hair. However, as a gynaecologist, I can speak for my colleagues to report that in the same period of time, women started presenting more commonly with labial comfort concerns. Labiaplasty is one thing – our more visible, hair free labia started attracting our scrutiny, with more women deciding they might prefer a less is more look. Cosmetic concerns aside, many women started attributing the labial discomfort noted after hair removal to their vulval anatomy. A problem that arises is that if your friction discomfort is due to skin sensitivity associated with a lack of protective hair, surgery won’t solve your problems. Enter Lover’s Smooth Love. Yes, it’s an amazing intimate moisturiser for ultimate skin soothing comfort and protection during sex. However, your smooth lover is so much more. Daily application strengthens your vulva skin barrier, maintaining your soft smooth look whilst protecting against irritation, burning and hypersensitivity.  You are sure to fall head over heels for this smooth lover, as part of your daily routine you won’t want to live without.