Your vagina is meant to be acidic and is by no means sterile. The vagina harbours an army of symbiotic friendly bacteria, imperative to maintaining health and balance. The main foot soldiers of your vaginal microbiome are the lactobacilli. These bacteria both produce lactic acid and require an acidic environment in which to thrive.

The vagina, replete with good bacteria, is self-cleansing and self-protecting.

When it comes to lubricants, in order to restore, enhance and optimise vaginal health, we must first respect the vagina’s pH as nature intended it to be.

When the vagina’s pH becomes more alkaline, thrush, bacterial vaginosis due to gardenerella vaginalis and other nasties can thrive. This change can cause irritation, discomfort and a fishy odour that can cause concern and embarrassment.

In developing every Lovers lubricant formula, pH balance was a key concern. Our formulae are effective, targeted and woman friendly, achieving your goals for greater pleasure in harmony with your natural healthy vaginal flora.

If you have a tendency to suffer from recurrent thrush, bacterial vaginosis, recurrent herpes or chronic vaginal and vulvar irritation, use Lover’s Real Love formula daily as a restorative treatment to find vaginal peace and balance, and of course to seek the pleasure you deserve.