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Can Men Use Lovers Too?

All sexes can enjoy Lovers for sex and self pleasure. Female pleasure has for so long been deemed of secondary importance, and a key focus and raison d’être of Lovers has been to completely redefine this concept for women.

In design, conception and purpose, our products were created for women, and all humans with vagina, vulva, and clitoris.

Our medicated formulae are shamelessly female pleasure focussed. Using the physiological principles that the vaginal skin or mucosa, a richly vascular, thin skin barrier through which active molecules are efficiently absorbed for rapid and focussed action, Lovers awaken a heightened female sexual response.

Our product bases are divine both in texture absorption and feel. They are also equally amazing for anal stimulation and penetration for all those who enjoy anal sex.

The anus, like the vagina has great absorption properties and benefits of centrally (brain focussed) actives like Cannabidiol (CBD) in Lover’s Easy Love formulation can be enjoyed by all sexes.

Why are we making lubricant with CBD?

No matter what your sex or gender, we welcome and include you. Reach out and tell us what you need or want. We’ll help you find you