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Eternal Love or Eternal Love Plus?

Eternal love options are designed to nourish, restore, enhance and protect, especially in low oestrogen physiological states when vaginal and vulvar mucosa becomes more delicate and vulnerable to microtrauma, skin irritation and painful fissuring.

Eternal Love Plus returns bio identical oestrogen as an active molecule. For this reason, Eternal Love Plus should not be used by women who have a personal history of a hormone receptor positive cancer such as breast, endometrial or ovarian cancer as in these cases all oestrogen should be avoided for medical reasons. In this setting, or when for personal reasons a hormone free approach is preferred, our Eternal Love formula is ideal and safe.

Adding back oestrogen is the most powerful restorative force for vaginal rejuvenation. Eternal Love Plus achieves this in the context of our bespoke deeply moisturising formula, suitable (with or without oestrogen) as both a daily skin treatment and deluxe lubricant for enhanced sexual enjoyment.

Cochrane studies of topical vaginal oestrogen use for medical reasons have not reported increased risks like systemic (whole body) Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT, sometimes also referred to as Menopause Hormonal Therapy or MHT).

Eternal Love Plus is also a perfect therapy for breastfeeding mums where oestrogen levels are low, improving sexual comfort without any negative effects on breast milk supply/production.

If you need further help deciding whether your perfect Lover is Eternal Love versus Eternal Love Plus, don’t hesitate to reach out for personal guidance. Email