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How Do I Use Lube?

It has not come as a surprise to us that many women and couples are unfamiliar with how to use personal lubricant or intimate vaginal and labial moisturising products.

Female sexuality has never been championed as a virtue. Sex has been viewed by society as a shame, a taboo subject. Female pleasure has never been a focus of the way sex is portrayed in the media, film or pornography. Images we see are a far cry from how women feel and what gives and brings a real-life woman pleasure.

Women have a lot (A LOT) to gain in introducing the right Lovers lubricant into their repertoire, both in self-pleasure and to achieve sexual comfort and enjoyable intimacy with a partner.

And actually, there is a Lover to benefit everyone. It’s about finding the right formula to achieve maximum benefits for you. This will change throughout life, as our needs, bodies, sex drive and cravings change.

Lovers' range of lubricants can be used in different ways. Our products can be used daily as a vaginal and vulval moisturiser. This often improves the skin barrier and avoids irritation and skin fissuring that can lead to chronic irritation.

This phenomenon affects women as we grow beyond the age of menopause and yet want to continue our lives as sexual and sensual beings.

Women who have naturally low oestrogen for other reasons (like being on the oral contraceptive pill or while breastfeeding) can also gain noticeable benefits from daily use. Daily use allows more spontaneity in the bedroom, and avoids forgetting the lubricant while embarking on penetrative sex. Having said that, applying your lube in a fun way can easily become part of your intimacy ritual and excitement repertoire.

Using a lubricant makes sex more pleasurable, softer, silkier, sexier.
For women who have difficulty self-lubricating in the moment (which is a lot of us) applying lube can help relieve tension, achieve relaxation and comfort with a partner and give you the confidence to try new things together as you know that penetrative sex won’t hurt or feel uncomfortable.

Lube is best applied using fingers, They are soft and you trust them. Apply lube externally around the vagina and clitoris and internally using a digit. You don’t need a lot of product, but don’t be too sparing either. You will learn what feels really good.

For women who feel their libido is low, Crazy Love is the lube for you. Apply Crazy 30 to 60 minutes before sex is anticipated for maximum benefits. You’ll need a prescription for this formula after completing a health survey that will be personally reviewed by our Lover’s team of medical doctors and pharmacists.

For lovers who suffer from dryness and discomfort, try our Eternal Love formula, or the more powerful Eternal Love Plus, which has been enhanced with natural bio-identical oestrogen (suitable only with personalised prescription).

If you’re trying to conceive a baby, sex every day or every second around ovulation can be punishing. Lube is needed but many formulas around can be spermicidal and can reduce your chance of pregnancy. If you are trying to conceive Smooth Love in either silicone or water based formulae are perfectly safe for you. Those wanting to conceive should keep their Lovers formulas fragrance free.

Lovers is the brainchild of gynaecologist and fertility specialist, Dr Raelia Lew. Our Smooth Love formula options are suitable for couples trying to conceive and won't diminish your monthly chance of getting pregnant. Apply Lovers lubricants to the external vaginal opening and massage with your fingers.

Our beautiful Smooth Love and Eternal Love formulas are wonderful for women who have used laser or waxing to achieve the Brazilian look. Whether it’s your thing or not, pubic hair serves a natural protective purpose and removing it can leave the sensitive skin underneath vulnerable to friction irritation.

Moisturising the vulva and labia minora using Lover’s formulae helps to protect your skins barrier function, reducing irritation and friction discomfort.

Unlike any lubricant you've tried before Lover's has been formulated beautifully, our smooth and sensual textures made with medical grade ingredients, draw inspiration from luxury skincare products.

Lovers gives you the freedom to experiment. Try different formulas and active ingredients. Discover what you like and what you love. However you choose to use your favourite Lover, every day, occasionally, or in the heat of the moment, you are sure to find pleasure in the adventure you choose.