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Is Masturbation Good for You?

Levels of shame have historically been associated with exploring female sexuality and self pleasure.

It’s certainly time to shake it off as experts now agree experiencing orgasm is in fact very good for you.

The chemicals your brain releases during orgasm that reduce pain and make you feel good are called endorphins. Letting them fly is an amazing feeling.

Here’s some health benefits of orgasm that should convince you pleasure is good for you.

Orgasm reduces stress
Reaching climax and letting go of physical and sexual tension helps you achieve muscle and brain relaxation and has been shown to reduce your level of stress. That can only be a good thing!

Orgasm helps you sleep better
Orgasm is followed by an after rush of feelings mediated by your parasympathetic nervous system that induces deep calm and helps you get to sleep and also to sleep deeply. Getting better sleep can help us function better in every aspect of our lives.

Orgasm is a form of natural pain relief
Endorphin release can improve your experience of pelvic pain, headaches and migraines, period cramps, endometriosis and can help release pain caused by muscle tension.

Orgasm improves body image and self esteem
Acknowledging and enjoying pleasure by yourself as well as with a partner boosts self esteem and helps you learn to love and enjoy the beauty and fun of the body you are in. Orgasm builds confidence and induces feelings of wellbeing.

Masturbation helps figure out what pushes your buttons
Self pleasure is a way to safely explore what you like sexually. Inducing self pleasure is powerful.
Working out how much pressure feels good, where and how you like to be touched, how fast or slow is something only you can do. You are the expert and boss of your body. Knowing yourself really well and learning how to have orgasms by yourself helps you achieve orgasms with a partner (you’ll be able to guide your partner so they can please you better).

And of course everything is better with lube. Tailor yours to your liking. 

Our medical formulations are there to heighten your experience and help you reach the heights exploring your orgasm.