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Lovers After Giving Birth

Eternal Love Plus is a godsend for any woman whose vagina is craving natural oestrogen. It can be hard to get back into sex after having a baby. You’re tired, sleep deprived. Your body has changed and often so has the way you view your partner. Your baby occupies so much of your waking attention. You may have had a vaginal birth and it the associated tearing and healing. You may have had an interventional birth, healing from an episiotomy. And on top of this all, if you are breast feeding, your natural oestrogen levels are really low. This prevents ovulation and helps delay a future pregnancy until you are ready. But unwanted side effects can be blunted libido and vaginal dryness, leading to trouble achieving lubrication, incomplete arousal and painful sex.

Discover Eternal Love Plus. This much loved formula is the go-to after menopause to recharge vaginal health, reinstate sexual comfort and reignite sleeping passions. But did you know it’s the best thing ever for breast feeding mums? The ultra-low dose natural bio-identical oestrogen formula can be used daily to improve vaginal health and sexual comfort. Use Eternal Love Plus with intercourse for your best ever after-baby love life. Eternal Love Plus is safe for breast feeding mums, it won’t mess with your milk supply. Restore, revitalise, replenish, repair and regain satisfaction with Eternal Love Plus

For those who would prefer to avoid or cannot use hormones our Eternal Love formula uses phyto-oestrogens to deliver gentler, plant based moisture.