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Lovers Has the Solutions

Our Lubricant Formulations

Not sure which Lover is best for you? We’re here to help. We use medical grade, active ingredients to replenish, restore, regenerate, stimulate, satisfy and protect

Email us for individual advice from our medical team.

Smooth Love

This nourishing formula is ideal for everyday use on dry and sensitive skin. By intensely combating labial dryness and irritation the Smooth Love formula is both medically soothing and inspired by luxury skincare products. Smooth Love is a best friend for sensitive skin after laser or waxing and is a conception friendly formula.

Eternal Love

Deeply nourishing and sublimely moisturising, the Eternal Love formula is perfect for mature and delicate skin. Contains plant-based, natural phytoestrogen. Experience long lasting benefits with regular use.

Real Love

Full of pro-biotic ingredients Real Love is perfect for sensitive skin, its moisturising formula prevents and relieves dryness and discomfort all while encouraging the good bacteria, restoring the vagina’s natural microbiome.

Easy Love

Perfect for many, this lover is highly recommended for those who have previously experienced sexual pain, vaginismus, or challenge achieving climax.

Concentrated in a pure oil, CBD is one of the active ingredients in Lovers Easy Love formula. Easy Love is designed to assist sexual relaxation, reducing the threshold to release your orgasm and to help break the cycle of sexual pain that some have experienced relating to endometriosis and vaginismus.

Eternal Love Plus

Perfect for oestrogen depleted skin from breastfeeding or menopause, the Eternal+ Love formula used bioidentical oestrogen to deeply nourishes whilst reducing vaginal dryness and encouraging natural moisture production.

Crazy Love

Crazy Love’s active ingredients enhance blood flow to the applied area, increasing genital sensitivity aiding female orgasm.