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Menopause is a life stage, not a life sentence

Given it’s a phase that can last for at least half a woman’s life, we owe it to ourselves to find ways to restore sexual confidence and enjoyment of sex during this time of hormonal upheaval.

Menopause is not an abrupt cessation of ovarian hormonal activity. It’s more of a slow burn out.

The natural end of the reproductive years is defined retrospectively, as being 12 months since the last period.

For most women the transition typically starts in its mildest form in our early 40s. But for some it can start even earlier.

Perimenopause is the time when a woman transitions from regular high ovarian hormone levels to the end of menstrual cycles. This stage can last for a decade.

At first, our cycles start to subtly - but noticeably - shorten. Levels of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) on days 2 and 3 of the cycle rise in response to lower natural oestrogen production. Some women experience the trademark hot flushes during this time. This is in response to oestrogen hitting its lowest point. Cycles then become less predictable, hormones fluctuate, and for some women periods turn erratic and heavy.

Low oestrogen becomes a fact of life for women in menopause, and this can affect everything from sleep and mental health, to concentration and sex drive.

Some women experience merciless hot flushes. This can disturb sleep, causing frequent nocturnal waking in hot sweats. Sleep disturbance can in turn cause irritability and impair coping mechanisms. The consequential changes in mood can lead to anxiety, depression and the famous menopause brain fog. On top of this, low oestrogen - in combination with all these effects - can blunt libido.

From a vaginal perspective, low oestrogen means the already delicate vaginal skin thins and loses moisture. It becomes more susceptible to injury during intercourse through micro traumas, grazing and skin fissuring from sexual friction.

Bladder symptoms can also be provoked by vaginal atrophy, as the bladder and vagina are closely linked.

Lubrication during sex goes from being an added-extra, to a must. At Lovers, we have kept this life stage top of mind when designing lubes to enhance comfort and keep sex fun.

Eternal Love products are the perfect daily treatment to maintain and restore vaginal function during menopause for women who value their sexual pleasure. Lovers Eternal Love Plus can help women add bio-identical oestrogen back into their system for hormonal tissue rejuvenation effects. This type of oestrogen replacement – if appropriate for you - is molecularly identical to the hormone produced by the body.

If friction is a passion killer, try our silicone bases for superior slip. Or enhance libido by using Crazy Love for its ability to correct the balance of hormones to optimise sex drive.

At Lovers, our philosophy is to keep it sexy as we mature with grace.