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Moisturise to Masturbate

What if we told you that using a beautiful intimate moisturiser could make every aspect of sex more satisfying? Forget everything you think you know about supermarket style lubricants. We understand if you have tried these and they are not for you. Lovers is profoundly different, creating gorgeous luxury formulae designed for female pleasure.

For women, the right delicate lubrication makes every touch more sensational, every exploratory move more intensely pleasurable.

Self pleasuring is an important life skill, a joy, a gateway to fantasy and physical bliss.

It’s a crime that many women don’t know how to take themselves to their highest heights of pleasure. Indulge in a beautiful Lover’s formula and you will find a liquid luxury accessory you won’t want to live without.

It’s a myth that women interested in sex and self pleasure should and will adequately self lubricate with arousal to the optimal state to achieve our best orgasm. Many women report finding it hard to achieve orgasm with either penetrative sex or self touch and low lubrication is a key reason, and so easily attended.

Lovers' formulas can be tailored to meet your individual desires. Whether your goals are to promote blood flow and arousal, achieve vaginal and mental relaxation, sooth and moisturise, hormonally support and fight skin ageing changes or balance your delicate flora, you can design and tailor the best Lover’s formula to precisely meet your needs.

The extra sensation felt using Lovers' beautiful formulae will inspire self confidence. Placing a dose from Lovers' purpose-designed pump bottle directly on to your clitoris and at the vaginal opening (introitus) will help you to pleasurably, sensitively begin your exploration. All of Lovers' varieties are safe to use internally and with sex toys too (choose an aqueous base for use with silicon accessories). Lubrication allows you to comfortably vary the speed and direction of your touch, helping to build and release sexual tension, ensuring your best journey, taking you all the way to climax.