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Perimenopause - The Basics

Perimenopause occurs in the decade before menopause. For most women this is from the onset of their 40’s.

Fertility reduces as egg quality declines. While women still possess and ovulate eggs, it becomes much more challenging to conceive. For those of us not trying to conceive, perimenopause can impact us in other ways. 

Hormones and menstrual cycle patterns can become much more variable cycle to cycle. Some women experience cycles shortening and becoming more irregular and sometimes heavy. Some months, periods may be missed and symptoms such as hot flushes, sleep disturbance, memory fog, low libido and vaginal dryness and soreness arise as concerns.

Moods can fluctuate with greater intensity. Natural vaginal lubrication can significant reduce as can desire and sex drive due to overall lower oestrogen levels than women are used to earlier in life.

Perimenopause can also relate to the transition into menopause (the permanent cessation of ovulation and menstruation).

Nowadays, women in perimenopause “feel” younger, perceive ourselves differently and aspire to a lifestyle more akin to their younger selves, compared to our mother’s generation -  including sexually.

An example is how the Golden girls and Sex in the City and Just like that relaunch portrayed women of the same age very differently across these generations.

Lovers range can assist women in peri to retain and reclaim sexual satisfaction, improving libido and providing  rejuvenating lubrication to facilitate more enjoyment from penetrative sex and self pleasure.