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Pregnant? Which Lovers' Products are Safe to Use?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! It’s an exciting time in many ways and it comes with lots of body changes.

Pregnancy can still be a sexual time. In fact for many women, the high oestrogen state of pregnancy ignites sexual interest, causing heightened libido.

Lubricant products are still much needed in pregnancy, but some of our prescription lovers products are not recommended while pregnant (best enjoyed at other life stages).

Choices to avoid while pregnant and breastfeeding include Crazy Love desire enhancing formulation, containing sildenafil
and testosterone and Easy Love, our relaxing, orgasm beckoning formula, containing CBD.

Recommendations during pregnancy are Smooth LoveReal Love (if you are prone to thrush) or Eternal Love formulae.

After giving birth, oestrogen levels  for women who are breastfeeding, causing more intense vaginal dryness. For breastfeeding Mums, Eternal Love Plus is an excellent choice.