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Using CBD Lube to Overcome Painful Sex

Pain with sex is not something most people experience. If you find sex painful, there will be an underlying reason. It’s not your fault. Not only that, effective treatments do exist. Accurate diagnosis is key.

Good sex is part physical sensation and part brain chemistry.

Sometimes medical conditions cause sexual pain. Infections, skin irritation, impaired lubrication, endometriosis. These can be treated.

Trust must be established or reestablished. Trust in your body, trust with a partner.

If you routinely find sex painful, please register that this is not normal and please reach out for help.

Speak to your GP and if needed seek specialist care. Build your team. Members might include your doctor, your psychologist or sexologist and your pelvic physiotherapist. A critical member of your pleasure toolkit should be lube.

Our Easy Love lubricant with Cannabinoid (CBD) oil harnesses the power of CBD is a wonderful help for women overcoming sexual pain and reactive vaginismus.