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What Happens to my Body When I Have an Orgasm

Orgasm is a feeling of intense pleasure, relief and release. It occurs after arousal, erogenous stimulation, sensual touch. The experience of orgasm is variable as is the intensity and duration. But what exactly is the physiology of the female orgasm?

Arousal causes blood vessel dilation, swelling and engorging your clitoris, vagina and vulva. Our Crazy Love formula accentuates this response, using sildenafil and aminophylline, increasing libido and desire using female-dose testosterone.

The thousands of sensitive nerve ending of your clitoris, nipples and skin respond,  Tension builds and with preferred physical stimulation, sensual touch, emotive fantasy, and erotic thought, excitement reaches a crescendo and releases. Involuntary rhythmic contraction and release occurs of the uterus and pelvic floor muscles, bringing with it a feelings of intense pleasure, satisfaction and relaxation via parasympathetic nervous pathways.

Various areas of a woman’s brain have demonstrated increased activity following orgasm, including the hippocampus, cerebellum, hypothalamus and periaqueductal mid-brain gray areas.

For some women barriers to orgasm exist and many of our lovers products can be transformative.

Easy Love uses TGA approved CBD oil, inducing deeper relaxation, and reducing your threshold to hit the heights of enhanced pleasure.

Crazy Love ignites your interest, inciting desire, lust and libido. Ride the wave: invite intense orgasm with increased genital blood flow, sensitivity and sensation.

Lovers products are female designed, using medical knowledge to maximise your pleasure.