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What happens after pubic hair removal, how Lovers' can help

Many women are not happy with the appearance of natural pubic hair and for centuries have explored ways to tame it.

When laser hair removal came along in the late 1990s, women around the world seized the chance to wave goodbye to summer stubble and bikini lines. This trend meant the end of razor cuts, painful waxing experiences and the associated infected ingrown hairs.

The common caution that accompanies laser hair removal generally relates to immediate side effects such as swelling and irritation. Rarely, however, are the long term problems of the hairless vulva discussed.  

Although some people may not like the ungroomed look, pubic hair has an important function. Its job is to protect the delicate skin below, retain skin oils and moisture, and resist friction injuries associated with sex and movement.

Your vagina and vulva need daily protection to maintain the delicate skin barrier defence necessary for daily comfort and sexual pleasure. A lack of pubic hair can cause vulval skin to become sore, red and chronically irritated.

Enter Smooth Love. This Lover’s lubricant gem is specifically designed for daily use as a brilliant vulval skin barrier protectant. Smooth Love is suited to the most sensitive skin and conception friendly. Its beautiful formula is lovingly absorbed by your labial skin, leaving your vulval lips soft, soothed and protected.   

Smooth Love doubles as a luxurious lube that can be applied internally for the ultimate penetrative sexual comfort and clitoral stimulator. Use Smooth Love as part of your everyday routine to maintain labial skin moisture, and also during intimate touch alone or with a partner.