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What Makes Lovers' Formulae So Special?

Our Lovers' aqueous and elemental silicone formulae draw inspiration from high end luxury skin care and are made to your design from the highest quality sourced ingredients.

Women are connoisseurs of beauty products to enhance how we look and feel. So it seems so bizarre that in the world of lubricants, products to date have been so lacking.

What we need and desire is a beautiful range of products that feel wonderful to apply, silky smooth to use, leave no residue, cause no irritation and help us to feel sexy, confident, aroused and beautiful.

It was this ambition that has inspired our Lovers range. You get to choose the formula that is best for you, as only you can truly understand and appreciate.

We allow you to attain the benefits of applying medical knowledge with sensual insight to achieve the ultimate in female –focused sexual comfort and enjoyment.