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Why are Lovers prescription products compounded?

Compounding is a word for creating formulations in a bespoke manner. This method allows personalisation of medicated lubricant products to create unique solutions for individuals to optimise their Lovers experience to meet their needs and expectations. 
Our prescription Lovers can be adapted to each clients preferences. You can choose between either a rich aqueous cream base (perfect for those wishing to use their favourite Lovers formula to double as a daily intimate moisturiser or barrier cream protector), alternatively we offer a luxurious silicone serum base, it is perfect for providing extra slip, is long lasting and is an excellent adjunct for water play. 
You can choose to have your Lovers selection scented with hypoallergenic, pH balanced natural geranium or may prefer to keep things fragrance free. 
You can experiment with our range of Lovers active ingredients, and do feel free to try our different options for yourself. Our range of prescription Lovers includes: 
- Eternal Love Plus (packed with further moisture, black cohosh and with the option of adding bio identical oestrogen, nature’s original aphrodisiac hormone). Real Love enhanced with boric acid is designed to support the vaginal microbiome, designed for those prone to fluctuating imbalances with associated discomfort
- Easy Love contains CBD, and is designed for those prone to sexual anxiety, vaginismus or for any woman who finds it challenging to achieve an orgasm.
- Crazy Love contains testosterone, sildenafil and aminophylline which can increase genital blood flow designed for those who notice low 
libido and find physical arousal tricky. 
Compounding means we can tailor our solutions to your needs as when you order one of our prescription products it is made to order to your specifications, with the flexibility to create your perfect intimate moisturising product. 
To access our prescription products we offer a telehealth service, included with the purchase to give you the opportunity to ask our medical team your questions.