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Why Are We Talking About Perimenopause?

What is Perimenopause?

Perimenopause is a time in between. In between fertile years and the finality of hormonal stagnation. The time when our hormones flux and change. From cyclic regularity to disorganisation, to the completion of a woman’s last menstrual cycle.

Perimenopause is a slow steady ovarian burn out.

Menopause is the final chapter.

Many women entering perimenopause have no idea what is happening. It’s not defined.

So how might you know that perimenopause is happening to you?

You might feel differently. Your cycles shorten with age, become heavier, longer,
uncontrolled, irregular.

Your emotions change. You may feel different in mind and body.

Perimenopause is normal. It can last a decade.

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