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Your Menstrual Cycle: What is Normal? 

Many women have been conditioned to think of a normal menstrual cycle lasting 28 days from start to finish.

A regular 28 day cycle is the average woman’s experience. However what is average doesn’t not necessarily equate to what is normal.

Think of the average adult height for women - in Australia it’s 165 cm. Does this mean a woman who is 150cm in height or a woman who is 175cm in height isn’t normal? Obviously it doesn’t. The same principle can be applied to the menstrual cycle - in essence there is a range of cycle lengths and durations that women experience that are considered to be normal.

The definition of “normal” for a menstrual cycle, is a cycle that is regular (meaning your period comes at approximately (not necessarily exactly) the same interval every month, bleeding lasts for between two to seven days in duration, and the whole cycle (from cycle day one of one month, defined as the day you get your period, to cycle day one of the following month, known as the inter-menstrual interval) is between 21 and 35 days in duration. So while a 28 day cycle is considered normal and regular (and is the population average) a 21 day cycle is also considered normal, as is a 35 day cycle and basically any variant in between.

Women tend to be most interested and invested in analysis of their cycle when they are trying to conceive (Lovers Smooth Love formula is the perfect choice, designed for skin protection, focusing on female pleasure conception friendly).

Your menstrual cycle is influenced by many environmental factors, your hormone levels, your ovarian reserve and your age. Throughout a woman’s reproductive lifetime, her menstrual cycle evolves, changes and ultimately stops (menopause is defined as more than 12 months since a woman’s last menstrual period).

Before menopause, for about 5 to 10 years, a time known as the peri-menopause begins. The first symptoms of peri-menopause are really subtle and can be missed. Often this involves shortening of the menstrual cycle from what was previously normal for you. During this time, natural oestrogen levels are lower throughout the month than they were in younger years and vaginal and vulval skin can be subtly more sensitive and less naturally lubricated, even with intense arousal.

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