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When Do I Need to Use a Daily Intimate Moisturiser?

When we are oestrogen replete, a woman’s vaginal mucosa (a special type of moist skin tissue) is strong and resilient. At times in our lives where our natural oestrogen levels may be lower, vaginal skin can suffer, becoming more fragile and easily at risk of skin breaks and grazes.

As we enter perimenopause (the five to 10 years before menopause) and beyond, our skin’s natural moisture levels decline as our ovaries create less oestrogen than our bodies were previously used to.

Other times where the same process happens (for different reasons) include when a woman is breastfeeding or using a low dose oral contraceptive pill.

Using a daily moisture protector can rejuvenate and protect vaginal skin, reducing risk of friction injury and discomfort from sex, and improving daily comfort. However, using the wrong products can cause harm. Lovers' bespoke lubricants are uniquely designed. Many of our formulae are suited both as luxurious lubricants to enhance female sexual satisfaction and also as daily protection products to restore and protect skin integrity, returning vaginal health to the optimal state.

Try Eternal Love Plus, Eternal Love and Smooth Love combinations to deliver both daily protection and your best sex ever.