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Why is Sex Painful After Laser Hair Removal?

Grooming hair down stairs is as important to many women as their regular cut and blow wave above the shoulders.

Pubic hair removal started - and remains – as a personal hygiene routine in some cultures. As swimwear trends moved towards the itsy-bitsy bikini in the 1970s, this hair removal trend took off internationally for aesthetic reasons. From the 1990s, the Brazilian look became the new normal for a generation of women.

Over this same time period, my gynecologist colleagues and I were seeing that women started presenting more commonly with labial comfort concerns. With the hair gone, our more visible labias started attracting our scrutiny. Many women started deciding they preferred a less-is-more look and turned to labiaplasty, a plastic surgery to change the appearance of their genitals.

But for many women, labial discomfort is associated with hair removal. Laser treatments can leave genitals red, swollen and irritable. It’s ok to love the barely there look, or even the not-there-at-all look for pubic hair. However, pubic hair’s job is to act as a barrier; both to disease and friction during physical activity and sex. So if your friction discomfort is due to skin sensitivity associated with a lack of protective hair, surgery won’t solve your problem.

Enter Lovers' Smooth Love. While we have designed this intimate moisturiser for ultimate skin soothing comfort and protection during sex, Smooth Love is so much more. Daily application will strengthen your vulva skin barrier and maintain your soft, smooth look. Enriched with nourishing butters and oils, it will also protect against the irritation, burning and hypersensitivity associated with waxing or laser hair removal.  For women who groom downstairs regularly, Smooth Love will soon become a part of your daily routine you won’t want to live without.